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新竹校區宿舍  Hsinchu Campus Dormitory

  1. 學生第一宿舍(學以軒)
  2. 學生第二宿舍(安以軒)
    學生第二宿舍亦為地上七層,地下一層之工字型建築。僅供女學生申請,一樓設有管理室及學生交誼廳,各戶信箱及電視、飲水機、販賣機等,宿舍以戶為單位,每戶有4至7間四人式套房及小型起居室,共計162間寢室,648床,另有3間2人式套房供肢障生申請; 地下室設有、桌球區、撞球區、洗衣部等設施。
  3. 學生一、二宿舍各寢室內均配有電話、冷氣及個人網路IP點,校園設有全家便利商店(內設郵局提款機)、書局(涵德樓一樓)、機車、汽車停車場、游泳池、羽球場,提供學生優良住宿環境,以便利學生生活、作息與休閒。
  4. 宿舍連絡人(Contact Person)
    連絡人(Contact Person):新竹學務處生輔組
    TEL:+886–3–699 - 1659
    宿舍緊急電話(Emergency Phone No.):校安中心 +886–3–6991399

First Student Dormitory (學以軒)
The First Student Dormitory has 7 floors plus a basement. Students in this co-ed dormitory building are assigned in a group of four to one of the 156 dorm rooms, making for a total accommodation of 624 students. On the third floor is a housemaster room and a common room, with mailboxes, a television, water fountains and other facilities. Six dorm rooms make up a "unit," that share with a small common room and a bathroom. In the basement, there is a convenience store, student restaurant, and a laundromat. On the first floor is the Student's Affairs Office, the Drillmaster's Office, the Infirmary, and the Guidance Center. Facilities like Karaoke and ATM can also be found on the first floor. School Clubs and the Student Activity Center are located on the second floor.

Second Student Dormitory (安以軒)
The Second Student Dormitory Building has 7 floors and a basement. It is a girls’ dormitory. The matron's room and the common room are on the first floor, where there are also facilities like mailboxes, a television, and water fountain. Every 4-7 dorm rooms form a "unit" and share a small common room. In total, the second dormitory building provides 162 dorm rooms for the accommodation of up to 648 students. There are also six double rooms for physically-challenged students. In order to provide students with the best living environment, table tennis room, billiard tables and coin laundry machines are located in the basement. 

All dorm rooms are equipped with telephones, air conditioners, and network service.  In order to provide students with the best living environment, there are convenience stores(ATM), parking lot, swimming pool and badminton court in the campus.