學校簡介 / University Introduction


學校簡介 / University Introduction

本校創立於 1965 年,前身為「中國市政專校」、1983 年配合國家發展,更名為「中國工商專科學 校」、2000 年改制為「中國技術學院」,2005 年改名為「中國科技大學」。

本校為雙校區,台北文山校區(校地面積 5 公頃),近捷運萬芳醫院站,交通便利;新竹湖口校區(校地面積 14 公頃),距台鐵北湖火車站 3 分鐘,近工業區,與地區產業結合。兩校區校園環境幽雅, 教學設備完善。

本校為深具發展特色之教學型科技大學,首先,教學定位重專業教育、通識教育與品格教育,其次,積極實施職涯及實務導向之「系本位課程」,強調 e 化教材教法、規劃證照地圖、課程地圖落實實 習就業輔導機制,並積極落實教學規範與品保制度,嚴格實施其教學規範以達成增強學生職涯即戰力 與競爭力。

本校辦學績效卓越,歷次評鑑成績均名列前茅,2006~2017年連續12年獲得教育部「獎勵大學教學卓越計畫」。近年屢獲教育部獎勵計畫如「通識教育課程革新計畫」及多項「重點特色專案計畫」,本 校據之充實教學研究圖儀設備,提升教學品質。2013年Cheers雜誌調查全國企業愛用大學畢業生,本 校排行全國第 5 名及 2014 年遠見雜誌調查企業愛用私立科大畢業生,本校排行全國第 4 名。本校辦學 績效已深獲教育部與社會各界肯定。

China University of Technology (CUTe) was founded in 1965 as a “China Junior College of Municipality”. In 1983, the school was renamed “China Junior College of Industrial and Commerce Management”. In 2000, the school made many needed reforms and officially changed its name as “Chung Kuo Institute of Technology”. In 2005, CUTe took the new name “China University of Technology” to better carry out its higher education missions.

CUTe’s original location is the beautifully landscaped Taipei Wenshan campus (school area: 5 hectares), which is conveniently located near the Wanfang Hospital MRT Station. The Hsinchu Hukou campus (school area:14 hectares) is 3-minute walk to Baihwu Train Station, located within commuting distance to the Industrial Park. Both Taipei campus and Hsinchu campus are beautiful and well-facilitated campuses, which are ideal environment for students to study.

CUTe is consistently high-standard university—first, by placing equal emphases on professional education, general education, and humanities; next, by providing a growing range of career-oriented courses, with an emphasis upon digitized teaching material and methods, a complete plan for obtaining professional certificates, and an effective career-counseling system; third, by following a quality assurance system which ensures that all teaching is done in accordance with current norms; last, by strengthening students’ competitiveness in their future careers.

For 12 consecutive years from 2006 to 2017, CUTe has been rated high as one of elite universities under the careful assessments conducted by the Ministry of Education. Alumni from CUTe were ranked the 5th place in terms of desirability as employees according to the 2013 survey of CHEERS and ranked the 4th place in terms of desirability as employees according to the 2014 survey of GLOBAL VIEWS, a human resource magazine.


學校位置 / Location